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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Location X, June 2010

In the interest of confidentiality, there will be no fish tales.  Only pictures.  In two days of fishing, I boated 3 tarpon and jumped a fourth.  This year was a great success.  All fish were in the 80 - 100 lb class.  Thanks to my lovely wife for joining me in the boat on the second day.  The second day had the most action (landed two and jumped one).  Without her, I would not have these fabulous pictures taken on her new camera.  For that matter, without her I probably would never have found Location X.  Thanks also to my guide who will remain nameless.   

Fish #1 (jumped):

Fish #2

You'll notice 3/4 of my rod in the water on this one. Luckily, we were able to run this fish down, re-attach the three sections of my rod that came off, and land this beauty.

Fish # 3